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Helping Clients Meet Their Energy Needs

DASNY has a proud history of financing, designing, and constructing sustainable facilities, helping protect the environment and reliably delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions for clients. Building on this legacy, DASNY is advancing a comprehensive list of services to assist clients throughout every phase of a project – from the conception of the energy master plan to plan implementation.

Energy Master Planning

  • DASNY assesses current energy usage to develop a client-specific Master Plan and energy conservation measures; 
  • Implements energy conservation projects with DASNY design and construction teams; and 
  • Identifies rebates, incentives, green energy sources, and evaluators to ensure maximum benefit.  

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

  • DASNY offers public and private clients a turn-key solution to finance, design, and build capital projects that save energy, reduce clients’ energy costs, and decrease clients’ operations and maintenance costs;
  • Partners with one of its pre-qualified energy services companies (ESCOs) to provide ready-to-use solutions and implementation strategies;
  • Utilizes a design-build delivery method for an efficient and cost-effective construction approach and pay for themselves through energy savings guaranteed by the ESCO; and
  • Offers clients various financing options, including self-financing, tax-exempt lease financing or possibly third-party private financing from the ESCO.   

Examples of DASNY’s Services 

  • Lighting. Fixtures and controls, including LED lighting retrofits.

  • Motors. High efficiency motors, motor controls, variable speed drives.

  • HVAC. Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) improvements: Central boiler/chiller plant replacement with units of greater efficiency.

  • Energy Efficiency Modifications. Building envelope improvements for roofing, windows, building management systems. 

Designing Healthier Living and Learning Environments

DASNY’s design and construction teams are finding innovative ways to create healthier living and learning environments for today’s student.

DASNY Professionals Deliver:

  • Improved ventilation & filtration
  • Reduced germ transmission
  • Updated/welcoming indoor & outdoor spaces
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Increased energy efficiency

See how DASNY is incorporating the latest design trends in higher education construction in our video. 

Designing Healthier Living & Learning Environments/Residence Halls | VIDEO


For more information on how DASNY can help address your evolving needs for new and existing buildings, email: [email protected].