Careers at DASNY

By working at DASNY, you help make New York a better place to live, work and learn.

Serving at DASNY is not just a job. It is a mission. It is a mission to help make New York a better place to live, work and learn. It is our mission to help make New York's communities sustainable, resilient and inclusive.

DASNY's two main lines of business -- public finance and construction -- combine into a powerful force. The projects we deliver create thousands of jobs while enhancing communities, improving service delivery and positioning New York State to better compete for the best companies and the brightest minds.

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion to Better Finance, Design and Build New York's Future

DASNY is committed to creating a workplace where everyone is valued, respected, and included. We strive to attract diverse talent that reflects the communities that we serve. At DASNY, we know that diverse teams and engaged employees are the key to providing the best services to our clients and driving innovation. Our goal is to foster an environment that embraces differences in race, culture, gender identity, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, thought, and experiences and leverage those differences to further our mission to finance, design and build New York's future.

DASNY is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to excellence and diversity. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

For general Human Resources-related inquiries or any questions about the application process, please email [email protected].

Current Job Postings

Assistant Project Manager I Broome I Binghamton, NY
Chief, Procurement | Professional Services I Albany, NY
Design Manager (2 positions) I NYC Office 
Director, Downstate Design & Construction (2 positions) | NYC Office 
Engineer- Electrical | Statewide; may be filled in any DASNY Office
Engineer- Mechanical (2 positions) I Albany, NY
Engineer- Mechanical (multiple positions) | Statewide; may be filled in any DASNY Office 
Engineer- Mechanical | Code Compliance | Albany, NY
Engineer - Mechanical |Downstate Design I NYC
Engineer- Structural | Albany, NY
Environmental Specialist | Albany, NY
Field Representative (2 positions) I Albany, NY-Capital Region
Field Representative (2 positions) I Broome DDSO I Binghamton, NY
Field Representative I Central NY PC I Marcy, NY
Field Representative (3 positions) | NYC & 5 Boroughs
Procurement Administrator | Contract Support Services I Albany, NY
Procurement Administrator | Professional Services I Albany, NY
Project Manager I FIT- Feldman Center I NYC
Project Manager I NYC - 5 Boroughs and Long Island
Project Scheduling Manager | Albany, NY or NYC Office
Senior Cost Control Analyst (3 positions) | Construction Contracts | Statewide; may be filled in any DASNY Office 
Senior Cost Control / Claims Analyst | Albany, NY
Senior Field Representative 1167 | NYC & 5 Boroughs
Senior Field Representative 1285 | NYC & 5 Boroughs
Senior Field Representative 1312 | NYC & 5 Boroughs
Senior Field Representative 1407 | NYC & 5 Boroughs
Senior Procurement Administrator I Contract Support Services I Albany, NY

Investigative Auditor | Albany, NY

Executive Direction

Accountant I Financial Management, Accounting I Albany, NY
Accounts Payable Assistant | Albany, NY

Information Services
Application Solution Specialist (2 positions) 1319 I Albany, NY
Cyber Security Lead | Albany, NY

Public Finance and Portfolio Monitoring
No current opportunities

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