Grant Administration

DASNY administers capital grant programs on behalf of New York State that support community and economic development. Questions should be directed to [email protected] or the Grant Administration Unit at (518) 257-3177

Economic Development Grant Programs Administered by DASNY
Click here for report of all economic development grants for which DASNY reviews that have been completed. This list is updated regularly. 

  • Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP)
  • Community Enhancement Facilities Assistance Program (CEFAP)
  • Community Resiliency, Economic Sustainability, and Technology Program (CREST)
  • Generating Employment Through New York Science (Gen*NY*sis)
  • Local Community Assistant Program (LoCAP)
  • New York Economic Development Capital Program (NYEDCP)
  • New York Economic Development Program (NYEDP)
  • New York State Capital Assistance Program (NYS CAP)
  • New York State Economic Development Assistance Program (NYSEDAP)
  • New York State Regional Economic Development Program (NYS RED)
  • New York State Technology and Development Program (NYSTAD)
  • Rebuilding the Empire State through Opportunities in Regional Economies (RESTORE) 
  • Strategic Investment Program (SIP)
  • State and Municipal Facilities Program (SAM)

Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program (NICIP)
DASNY is administering grants for the Grantees awarded Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program (NICIP) grants totaling approximately $120 million. Award recipients were chosen through a competitive RFP process. Applications were evaluated based on a number of criteria, including: the scope of the proposed project; the number of clients who will benefit; whether the project helps the nonprofit serve its target population; whether the project enables the nonprofit to serve a new population; and other factors.  

NICIP Awards | PDF

Grant Programs Administered with Other State Agencies or Entities:

•    Expanding All Children’s Education and Learning Program (EXCEL) (NYS Education Department)
•    Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law for New Yorkers Capital Grant Program (HEAL-NY) (NYS Department of Health)
•    Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program (HECap) (HECap Board) -- Follow this link for more information on HECap Board actions.
•    Library Construction Grant Program (NYS Education Department)
•    Multi-Modal Program (NYS Department of Transportation) 
•    Lake Ontario Resiliency & Economic Development Initiative (REDI) -- Follow this link for more information on REDI.