How DASNY Helps Clients Meet Their
Energy Needs


DASNY’s expertise in finance, design, construction and procurement support institutions' energy investments and initiatives to reduce costs and energy use.  

Energy Master Planning

  • DASNY assesses current energy usage to develop a client-specific Master Plan and energy conservation measures; 
  • Implements energy conservation projects with DASNY design and construction teams; and 
  • Identifies rebates, incentives, green energy sources, and evaluators to ensure maximum benefit.  

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

  • DASNY finances and implements turn-key projects through tax-exempt bonds and procurement and construction services.
  • Financing can be backed by energy savings.  

Energy Services Companies (ESCO)

  • DASNY partners with pre-qualified energy service companies (ESCOs) to provide turn-key solutions that save energy and reduce clients’ energy costs.
  • Offers timely and cost-effective implementation for energy conservation.

Examples of DASNY’s Services 

  • Lighting. Fixtures and controls, including LED lighting retrofits.

  • Motors. High efficiency motors, motor controls, variable speed drives.

  • HVAC. Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) improvements: Central boiler/chiller plant replacement with units of greater efficiency.

  • Energy Efficiency Modifications. Building envelope improvements for roofing, windows, building management systems. 

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