Grant Administration

DASNY administers capital grant programs on behalf of New York State that support community and economic development. Questions should be directed to [email protected] or the Grant Administration Unit at (518) 257-3177

****Please note that registering and/or obtaining a prequalified SFS Prequalification Application (formerly known as the Grants Management Gateway Document Vault) may take several weeks.  All applicants to an open competitive grant procurement or Grantee of an Economic Development grant should allow ample time to complete this process. ****

If your organization needs to get registered and or Prequalified in SFS, please refer to the Grants Management website at the following links for more information:

Technical Questions regarding the SFS System should be directed to SFS via email at: [email protected]

Capital Grant Programs Administered by DASNY
Click here for a report of all capital grants, DASNY reviews, that have been completed.
This list is updated regularly. 

•    Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP)
•    Community Enhancement Facilities Assistance Program (CEFAP)
•    Community Resiliency, Economic Sustainability, and Technology Program (CREST)
•    Generating Employment Through New York Science (Gen*NY*sis)
•    Local Community Assistant Program (LoCAP)
•    New York Economic Development Capital Program (NYEDCP)
•    New York Economic Development Program (NYEDP)
•    New York State Capital Assistance Program (NYS CAP)
•    New York State Economic Development Assistance Program (NYSEDAP)
•    Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program (NICIP)
•    New York State Regional Economic Development Program (NYS RED)
•    New York State Technology and Development Program (NYSTAD)
•    Rebuilding the Empire State through Opportunities in Regional Economies (RESTORE) 
•    Strategic Investment Program (SIP)
•    State and Municipal Facilities Program (SAM)

Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program (NICIP)
DASNY administers the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program (NICIP) by processing grants awarded through a competitive grant process. The first wave of NICIP projects, totaling approximately $120 million, were awarded to recipients in 2017 and 2018. The 2023-2024 Enacted State Budget authorized $50 million for a new competitive NICIP opportunity.

Grant Programs Administered with Other State Agencies or Entities:

•    Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program (HECap) (HECap Board)

     Follow this link for more information on HECap Board actions

•    Lake Ontario Resiliency & Economic Development Initiative (REDI)

     Follow this link for more information on REDI

•    Veterans Nonprofit Capital Program (VNCP) (NYS Division of Veterans’ Services)

    Veterans' Nonprofit Capital Program (VNCP) Awards - Round 2
    Veterans' Nonprofit Capital Program (VNCP) Awards - Round 1

•    Child Care Capital Program (CCCP) (Office of Children and Family Services)

     Informational Webinar Recording | January 24, 2024     
     CCCP Request for Applications (RFA) - Updated February 23, 2024
     CCCP RFA  Appendix 1 - Application - Updated February 23, 2024
     CCCP RFA  Appendix 2 - Scoring Matrix - Updated February 23, 2024
     CCCP RFA Appendix 3 - FAQs - Updated February 23, 2024
     CCCP RFA Appendix 4 - Sample GDA
     CCCP Public Questions & Answers

•    Library Construction Grant Program (NYS Education Department)
•    Expanding All Children’s Education and Learning Program (EXCEL) (NYS Education Department)
•    Multi-Modal Program (NYS Department of Transportation) 
•    Capital Restructuring Finance Program (CRFP) (NYS Department of Health)
•    Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law for New Yorkers Capital Grant Program (HEAL-NY)
     (NYS Department of Health)
•    Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program - (Statewide – multiple rounds)
     (NYS Department of Health)