Internships at DASNY

Financing & Building The Future of New York State

Intern at DASNY and gain hands-on experience, access career development opportunities, and perform rewarding work on New York State projects. There are full-time and part-time positions available.

DASNY’s Internship Program draws on nearly 80 years of excellence, and challenges students to learn by actively participating in DASNY’s various business functions.

DASNY is a public benefit corporation that provides a wide range of financing and construction services that serve the public good. Examples of our clients include: public and private colleges and universities, hospitals, primary care facilities, psychiatric centers, laboratories, medical research facilities, nursing homes, adult homes, and libraries. In addition, DASNY works with K-12 schools, including schools serving those with special education needs, courts, housing for the homeless, and other facilities that provide services to New Yorkers.

DASNY offers an exciting paid internship for college and university students. Our program provides hands-on experience in a professional setting and engages students with DASNY staff and industry professionals. DASNY provides project-driven supervision and ongoing one-on-one performance feedback to student interns. 

We offer placements throughout New York State, which may include our headquarters in Albany, our New York City, Rochester and Buffalo offices, as well as various field sites across the state. 

Current Internship Opportunities

Student Intern - Construction Code Compliance | NYC
Student Intern- Construction Management (2 Positions) I Rochester, NY
Student Intern - Construction Project Controls | Albany, NY
Student Intern- Construction Project Management | City College of New York
Student Intern- Construction Project Management | Mid-Hudson Psych Center -New Hampton, NY
Student Intern- Construction Project Management | NYC & 5 Boroughs
Student Intern- Construction Project Management | Queens College
Student Intern- Construction Project Management | Queensborough Community College 
Student Intern- Junior Architect | Albany, NY
Student Intern - Junior Engineer (Mechanical/Electrical) (2 positions) | Albany, NY

Student Intern- Counsel's Office (Attorney/Law) | Albany, NY
Student Intern- Counsel's Office (Attorney/Law) | NYC
Student Intern- Diversity and Inclusion I Albany, NY

Executive Direction 
Student Intern - Communications & Marketing | Albany, NY
Student Intern - File Clerk | Albany, NY
Student Intern - Human Resources | Albany, NY
Student Intern- Internal Audit Albany, NY
Student Intern- Office of Environmental Affairs | Albany, NY

No current opportunities

Information Services
No current opportunities

Public Finance & Portfolio Monitoring 
Public Finance Fellow I Albany NY & NYC

2023 DASNY Interns 

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