Monroe Community College (MCC)

"We turned to DASNY because of its unique ability to manage the procurement, purchasing and interior design of our new Downtown Campus. With a $10 million budget for furniture and equipment, the task of procuring quality, sustainable, and durable items at a competitive cost required more time and expertise than we had."

Blaine Grindle

Facilities Director, Monroe Community College

DASNY can finance and procure a wide variety of goods, services, and systems on your behalf.

DASNY's on-call term consultants provide speedy delivery and reduce costs. We also have extensive knowledge of, and access to New York State commodity contracts, which provide savings.

We assist clients by reviewing documents for ease of construction, code compliance, and life-safety issues. We review plans and specifications, solicit and evaluate bids and hold contracts on behalf of our clients.

Once construction begins, our on-site field staff inspects the work and ensures that the project is being built right. The assigned DASNY Project Manager matches project payments to construction progress and enforces the project schedule. DASNY handles day-to-day construction coordination issues and interpretations of contract documents. From design to completion of construction, DASNY manages the project to ensure that it is built on time and within budget.

Our Procurement Services

  • Consultant selection and contract award (evaluations, fee negotiations, formal contract development and execution)
  • Purchasing services—specify and procure furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E)
  • Interior design, including draft CAD furniture layout options/3-D renderings
  • Tremendous buying power, work within predefined client budget
  • Prepare bid documents for furnishings
  • Serve as vendor liaison (coordinate schedules, installation logistics and field staff)

Examples of Packages for Furniture and Equipment DASNY can help you Finance, Procure & Purchase

Campus-wide network systems

Computer equipment: laptops, tablets, etc.

Energy systems: boilers, chillers and performance contracts

Fixtures, lighting, faucets, hardware, etc.


Furniture: beds, desks, chairs, tables, lounge furniture, etc.

Information technology systems: student/patient medical records systems

Laboratory/clinical analysis equipment

Medical equipment: MRIs, CT scanners, C-Arm units, ultrasound machines, ventilators, cardiac catheterization, digital mammography, endoscopy equipment, etc.  

Telecommunications equipment

Security systems