RFP#7594 - Term Commissioning Services

Solicitation #:7594
Issue Date:08/23/2023
Proposal Due:09/19/2023 - 3:00 PM
Classification:Professional Services
Type:Request for Proposal (RFP)
Status:In Progress
Subcontracting Provisioning Goals (%)
Minority Owned:5
Women Owned:5
Contract Terms
Four (4) Years
Location Where Goods to be Delivered or Service Performed

DASNY seeks proposals from firms to provide commissioning services such as, but not limited to, commissioning, existing building commissioning, energy audits, operation and maintenance support, sustainability support, and pollution prevention analysis.  These services will be provided to various clients throughout New York State to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements, policies, and guidelines, to enhance project delivery, and building functionality, as well as optimize energy usage and environmental impacts.

At this phase of the selection process, firms are requested to provide a concise response to the RFP indicating relevant experience specific to buildings and facilities in one or both of the following service areas:

  • Commissioning

Firms are encouraged to apply if they meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Employ, as a primary commissioning representative, an engineer with NYS professional engineer’s license in mechanical engineering
  • Five years of experience in HVAC engineering on projects of 20,000 square feet or larger, and one or more of the following:
    • Five years of third-party commissioning services; and/or
    • Three years of integrated building systems technology and building automation systems relative to commissioning 


DASNY contributes to the economic development of New York State by assisting and supporting Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB) through its procurement process. As part of this EOI, and consistent with Article 15A and 17B of the Executive Laws, DASNY encourages all firms to consider submitting proposals that utilize partnerships, joint ventures or other similar arrangements with a New York State certified MWBE/SDVOB firm on this contract. For technical assistance identifying certified MWBE firms contact Empire State Development at https://esd.ny.gov/ or visit DASNY’s MWBE Registry at http://www.dasny.org. For NYS Certified SDVOB firms contact www.ogs.ny.gov/veterans.

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 170.1 – Uniform Guidelines for Responsibility Determinations, Executive Order No. 125 – NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire and Executive Order No. 192 – Continuing Vendor Integrity, DASNY may only award a contract to a responsible proposer. A responsible proposer must have the integrity to justify the award of public dollars and the capacity to perform the requirements of the contract fully. The proposer must file a vendor responsibility questionnaire with DASNY. The questionnaire provides the proposer an opportunity to self-disclose any issues and provide necessary information, which DASNY will use as part of its determination.

Pursuant to Executive Order 16 dated March 17, 2022, all State agencies and authorities are prohibited from entering into any new contract or renewing any existing contract with an entity conducting business operations in Russia. As part of this RFP, each firm is required to certify that the firm is not an ‘entity conducting business operations in Russia.’

Firms interested in responding to this solicitation may access the RFP and related documents from DASNY’s website at https://www.dasny.org/opportunities/rfps-bids/professional-services/

To locate the RFP, go to RFP 7594 / View the full details for this opportunity / Attachments. The deadline for responses to the RFP is 3:00 pm on September 19, 2023. Responses received after this date will not be accepted.

In accordance with State Finance Law § 139-j and § 139-k, this solicitation includes and imposes certain restrictions on communications between Dormitory Authority personnel and an Offeror during the procurement process. The designated staff for this procurement is David Fenichel, Email: [email protected]Contacts made to other Dormitory Authority personnel regarding this procurement may disqualify the Offerer and affect future procurements with governmental entities in the State of New York. Please refer to the Authority’s website (www.dasny.org) for Authority policy and procedures regarding this law, or the OGS website (https://ogs.ny.gov/acpl/procurement-lobbying-law)  (www.ogs.state.ny.us/aboutogs/regulations/defaultAdvisoryCouncil.html) for more information about this law. All proposers, domestic and foreign, must be in compliance with New York State business registration requirements. Contact the NYS Department of State regarding compliance. In addition, business entities proposing to provide professional engineering services must obtain a Certificate of Authorization to Provide Engineering Services in New York State from the State Education Department. Proposals must be submitted in the full legal name of the proposer, or the full legal name plus a registered assumed name of the proposer, if any.

Primary Contact

Dave Fenichel

Contract Administrator


Professional Services


515 Broadway

Albany, NY 12207

United States

Phone: 518-257-3071

Email: [email protected]

Secondary Contact

Christopher Currey

Sr. Contract Administrator


Professional Services Contracts


515 Broadway

Albany , NY 12207

United States

Phone: 518-257-3589

Email: [email protected]

Company Name Contact Name Phone Email Website Fax Designation Goods/Services
Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions John Mikullitz 5184330771 Ext 224 [email protected] aramarkengineering.com 5184330775 Energy, Commissioning, Project Management
Brano Design LLC Betty Brano 3473788903 [email protected] www.branodesign.com 0000000000
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • Women Owned Business (WBE)
  • NYS Certified Minority Owned Business (NYS-Cert. MBE)
  • NYS Certified Women Owned Business (NYS-Cert. WBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Interior Designer of Record, Furniture and Furnishings (FF&&E), Window Shades, Draperies, Blinds, Window Treatment, Acoustic Wall Panels, Painting, Wallcovering, Sustainable Furnishings
Building Envelope Testing LLC Eliot Benor 8455905244 [email protected] www.bet-na.net
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • Women Owned Business (WBE)
Facade Energy testing and Evaluation
Facade Testing
Building Envelope Commissioning Testing
D2D Green Architecture, PLLC (M/W/DBE) Baani Singh 2017048860 [email protected] www.d2dgreendesign.com 5187292967
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • Women Owned Business (WBE)
  • NYS Certified Minority Owned Business (NYS-Cert. MBE)
  • NYS Certified Women Owned Business (NYS-Cert. WBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Architectural design, Interior Design, Sustainability consulting, (LEED, Net -zero Carbon/ Energy, ILFI, Green Globes, Active Design), Commissioning, Energy Modeling, Architectural Specification writing, Space planning, Programming, Existing conditions survey, Signage and way finding, project management, Construction administration
Entuitive Giulia Alimonti 646.856.4581 [email protected] www.entuitive.com Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx);
Building Envelope Design and Inspection;
Field Water Testing;
Field inspections;
Advanced Energy Performance Analysis;
Parametric Energy Analysis, TEDI & EUI;
Structural Engineering;
Falcon Engineering Co LLC dba The Falcon Group Christian Paunon [email protected]
Foit-Albert Associates, Architecture, Engineering and Surveying, P.C. Christy Stoebe 716-856-3933 [email protected] foit-albert.com 716-856-3961
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • NYS Certified Minority Owned Business (NYS-Cert. MBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Architectural services for new construction, additions, renovations, adaptive reuse and historic preservation projects, engineering services including site/civil, structural, transportation, environmental, building systems, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and professional land surveying services. Foit-Albert has maintained Architectural Term Contracts with DASNY for 20 years and has provided design, renovation, rehabilitation and construction administration services on projects in western and upstate New York.
Grumman|Butkus Associates Julie Higginbotham 8473269281 [email protected] grummanbutkus.com 8473284550
Guarantee Estimation James Vince 0
JSNY Construction Corp Jaswinder Singh 917-365-0680 [email protected] Tile Work/ Masonry
Legacy Construction Group NY INC. Sahil Singh (929) 543-8301 [email protected] www.legacyconstructionny.com General Renovation
NYBSC | GWI Engineering Consultants JV Diana Dubois 646-208-6561 [email protected] https://gwi-eng.com
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Pathfinder Engineers & Architects LLP (WBE) Helen Kashtan 5856982951 [email protected] www.pathfinder-ea.com 5853256005
  • Women Owned Business (WBE)
  • NYS Certified Women Owned Business (NYS-Cert. WBE)
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Architecture, Commissioning, LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, NYSERDA Flex Tech and Technical Assistance, Laser Scanning
Ricoflow Equity, LLC Richener Augustin 845-262-0351 [email protected] ricoflow.com
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • NYS Certified Minority Owned Business (NYS-Cert. MBE)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
General contracting such as roofing, siding, interior renovation, flooring, electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Painting
Safariny Corp Yoichi Chiba 9292049438 [email protected]
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • Women Owned Business (WBE)
singh bros construction group inc. manmeet singh 9293937815 [email protected]
TEXAS SECURITY CORPORATION Andrew Ugbomah 917-690-3538 [email protected] www.texassecuritycorporation.com
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • NYS Certified Minority Owned Business (NYS-Cert. MBE)



Wendel 7166880766 [email protected] wendelcompanies.com 7166256825 Architecture, Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Construction Management
WILLDAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS INC. Nancy Siso 19146336490 [email protected] willdan.com 1. Design and Construction of central chiller plant
2. Design and construction of HVAC upgrade
3. Design and construction of central chiller plant