Code Compliance

Improving Quality and Safety

Our code compliance team focuses on compliance with applicable New York State, federal and local codes, rules and regulations.

DASNY offers a range of services that are focused on compliance with applicable codes, rules and regulations affecting building construction, occupancy and use.

Asbestos Abatement/Environmental

Our asbestos abatement/environmental experts and engineers review and provide oversight to assist in complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Our process involves:

  • Review of technical capabilities of your environmental consultants and abatement contractors
  • Development of scope-of-work for surveys, investigations and abatement actions
  • Oversight and conducting of hazard assessment
  • Review and approval of abatement and remediation project documents and contractors’ submissions
  • Conducting of on-site containment and project inspections to review compliance by our experts and certified personnel

Special Inspection and Testing

Our structural and civil engineers review your project for compliance with special inspection and testing requirements of applicable building codes, through:

  • Development and review of special inspection work scopes
  • Guidance with budgets and staffing
  • Special Inspection and testing design review
  • Project and testing laboratory site visits
  • Review of inspection reports, lab reports, and other documentation
  • Verification of testing agency and special inspector credentials
  • Review of project deficiency logs for timely resolution of deficiencies
Industry research shows that the benefits of commissioning include saved time and money, improved construction quality and continued energy and cost savings during post-construction building operation.

Building Commissioning and Retro Commissioning Programs

DASNY’s Commissioning (Cx) Program delivers an efficient, consistent, and effective method of building commissioning for new construction, reconstruction, and substantial renovations. Our Retro-Commissioning (Retro-Cx) Program is for existing buildings. To represent your interest we:

  • Procure commissioning consultants quickly by using our existing term contracts
  • Have consultants document that your building is designed, installed and tested properly to meet the design intent
  • Enhance project delivery
  • Assist in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Oversee building optimization with sufficient training and documentation for continued building system performance
  • Identify and oversee cost-effective operational and maintenance improvements