New York State Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program

HECap Program

The Higher Education Capital (“HECap”) Matching Grant Program provides $385 million in matching capital grants to finance capital projects and equipment purchases by independent institutions of higher learning in New York State.

Our Mission

The HECap Program awards matching capital Grants to Colleges for the design, acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or equipping of a facility on or near a college campus within the State, including critical academic facilities, economic development and/or high technology projects and urban renewal and/or historical preservation projects that would enhance the programmatic offerings or the student life at the College or provide economic development benefits to the area surrounding such college campus.


The HECap Program is governed by the HECap Board (the “Board”). The initial meeting of the HECap Board was held on January 15, 2008, and the Bylaws as well as other operable documents were adopted. DASNY acts as staff to the Board. The Board is comprised of three persons appointed by the Governor, one of whom is appointed upon the recommendation of the Temporary President of the Senate, and one of whom is appointed upon the recommendation of the Speaker of the Assembly. The HECap Act empowers and directs the Board to approve or deny applications received from Colleges for HECap Grants and to award such Grants totaling $385 million dollars. 

HECap Board Members: 

Mr. Michael Smingler
Hon. Patricia Fahy
Hon. Toby Ann Stavisky

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