DASNY Capital Management Plan FAQ

DASNY Capital Management Plan FAQ

1. Is DASNY's Capital Management Plan a program with an application requirement?

No, Capital Management Services is not a program so there is no application process or deadline. Rather, it is a supportive service, available at any time through Cayemitte Capital Management (CCM), designed to assist you in pre-qualifying for a bid or performance and payment bond. 

2.  What is the goal of DASNY's Capital Management Plan?
The goal of these services is to assist the contractor to bid and win contracts as a Prime contractor and not as a sub-contractor. 

3. How do I get started?
If interested, the first step is to contact David Cayemitte, President of The Cayemitte Group, by phone or email, to schedule an initial discussion and consultation.  

215-750-4546 (mobile)
609-521-4201 (office direct)
[email protected]

4. What will be discussed during this initial conversation?
Of key importance, you should be prepared to discuss the specific DASNY project of interest to you at that time, including project size and scope. In order to determine eligibility, your company profile, history and capacity will be reviewed. Next steps will be determined based upon this information. 

5. Does DASNY's Capital Management Plan include any fees?
If you are awarded a contract with the assistance of Cayemitte Capital Management, a percentage of the contract fee will be applied. 
If you are deemed ineligible and are not awarded the contract, no fee is applied. The Cayemitte Group will provide guidance on how to prepare you for pre-qualification.