Construction-Related Professional Services (A&E)

DASNY actively pursues MWBE involvement in construction-related professional services, including:



Elevator Rehabilitation


Environmental Services

Fire Alarm Upgrade

Furniture Installation

General Construction

Human Services


Information Technology Support

Interior Design

Maintenance/Repair Services

Management Services

Mechanical Services

Medical Services

Move Services



Restoration Services


Sheet Metal Work

Standard Professional Services Contracts

We establish MWBE and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) goals on construction projects valued at $100,000 or more. We use several types of contracts and assistance to help accomplish this goal.

Our construction contracting program covers:

  • Professional design contracts requiring the services of licensed architects, engineers, planners and surveyors.

  • Regulated professional contracts requiring the services of individuals and firms whose practices are regulated by the State of New York.

  • General consultant contracts, such as construction management, affirmative action and general business services.

  • General service contracts, such as printing and janitorial services.

Plan Holders List: Bringing Primes and Subs Together

As plans are purchased for our upcoming construction projects, we require our architects to post a list of plan holders to our website. Go to the construction contracts opportunities in progress. The plan holders list appears on the right side of the page for each project.

Interested Subs and Suppliers
This allows subcontractors and suppliers to submit pricing prior to bid to any interested prime bidder. In addition, MWBEs can post a one-page profile about their businesses on our website for review by majority prime bidders prior to bid. Use the button below to add your firm as an interested Subcontractor/Supplier.

Add Your Firm

Term Consultants

Professional services term contracts and online networking opportunities:

Approximately every five years DASNY awards term contracts to more than 100 professional services firms, which we are able to quickly deploy on a project as needed. MWBE firms and others may follow this link to network with these term consultants.

Please visit our RFP and Bid Opportunities page to view the list of Term Consultants