Professional Term Contract Expiration Dates

This list is in alphabetical order by discipline, with associated expiration dates.

Updated: September 30, 2023

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Contract Expiration Dates      
Term Consultant Expiration Dates by Specialty      
 Completion/Extension Dates    Notes/Status
Specialty2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year/ ExtensionCurrent Expiration 
Architectural and Engineering Services9/30/20259/30/20269/30/2027 9/30/2027 
Asbestos & Environmental Consulting Services 7/31/20257/31/20267/31/2027 7/31/2027 
Background Checks     Contract & Empanel firms.
Blanket Crime Insurance     Empanelment no amendments required.
Broker/Dealer     Empanelment no amendments required.
Claim and Audit Services     New Procurement to be posted.
Communication & Marketing     Empanelment no amendments required.
Commissioning Services    3/31/2024New Procurement to be posted.
Construction Management Services12/31/202312/31/202412/31/2025 12/31/2025 
Construction Site Safety Services8/30/20248/30/20258/30/2026 8/30/2026 
Cost Estimating    3/31/2024New Procurement to be posted.
CPM Scheduling    3/31/2025 
CUNY Architectural Services12/31/202212/31/2023  12/31/2024 
CUNY MEP Services12/31/202212/31/2023  12/31/2024 
Elevator Consulting    5/31/2024New Procurement to be posted.
Energy Master Planning and Consulting Services6/30/20256/30/20266/30/2027 6/30/2027 
Energy Performance Contracting12/31/202412/31/202512/31/2026 12/31/2026 
Energy Savings Performance Contracting & Financing Program (ESCO)4/15/20224/15/20234/15/20244/15/20254/15/2025 
Environmental Consulting Services6/14/20236/14/20246/14/2025 6/14/2025 
Environmental Management Consulting Services (SEQR)2/28/20212/28/20222/28/2023 2/29/2024New Procurement to be posted.
General Counsel     Empanelment no amendments required.
Health Benefits Actuarial Services     New Procurement to be posted.
Healthcare Management Services     New Procurement to be posted.
Information Systems Consulting Services     Empanelment no amendments required.
Materials Testing and Special Inspections9/30/20249/30/20259/30/2026 9/30/2026 
P3 Services     Empanelment no amendments required.
PLA Feasibility Analysis    6/30/2024New Procurement to be posted.
Printing Official Statement      
Relocation Consultant & FF&E Management9/30/20249/30/20259/30/2026 9/30/2026 
SDVOB Set-Aside Projects4/1/20194/1/20204/1/20214/1/202212/31/2024 
Third-Party Administrator (Insurance)     New Procurement to be posted.
Transactional Consultant Services    9/30/2024 
Underwriters     New Procurement to be posted.
Water Treatment Consulting Services1/31/20241/31/20251/31/2026 1/31/2026 
Workers Compensation/Business Auto     New Procurement to be posted.