Please note updated JOC Regions 

JOC Regions

In summer 2020, DASNY updated JOC Program Regions. Regions were relabeled, 1-10. While the labels have changed, the geographic boundaries remain the same. For example, Nassau and Suffolk are still grouped together but the region has changed from 1A to 2. See the map and chart above along with the comments for additional guidance. 

The search below uses the old regions based on the way the contracts were procured. As new JOC contracts are awarded, the search below will be updated accordingly. 

JOC Contractors

DASNY‚Äôs Job Order Contracting (JOC) program is a specific type of procurement designed to speed project delivery on behalf of our clients. JOC is well-suited for small to medium size renovation and repair projects, emergency work to address hazardous conditions, completing punch list work, and exploratory work.