Professional Term Contract Expiration Dates

The list below is in alphabetical order by discipline, with associated expiration dates.

Updated: October 1, 2021 

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Contract Expiration Dates      
Term Consultant Expiration Dates by Specialty      
 Completion/Extension Dates    Notes/Status
Specialty2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year/ ExtensionCurrent Expiration 
All Risk Property & Risk Insurance Program2/28/162/28/172/28/182/28/192/28/22New Procurement to be posted.
Architectural/Engineering 6/30/186/30/196/30/206/30/216/30/22 
Asbestos/Environmental 5/31/195/31/205/31/21 5/31/22 
Audit Services11/14/2011/14/2111/14/22  3 Year Contract with 2 One Year Renewals.
Background Checks6/1/206/1/216/1/22  Contract & Empanel firms.
Blanket Crime Insurance6/30/196/30/20  6/30/22Empanelment no amendments required.
Broker/Dealer     Empanelment no amendments required.
Building Commissioning/CEEP    9/30/22New Procurement to be posted.
CEEP    9/30/22Combined with Building Commissioning.
Claim and Audit Services    6/30/22New Procurement to be posted.
Communication & Marketing12/3/1712/3/1812/3/19  Empanelment no amendments required.
Commissioning Services    9/30/22 
Construction Management3/1/193/1/203/1/21 3/1/22 
Construction Site Safety    3/1/22 
Cost Estimating3/31/193/31/203/31/21 3/31/22
CPM Scheduling3/31/193/31/203/31/21 3/31/22 
CUNY Architectural Services12/31202212/31/2312/31/24   
CUNY MEP Services12/31202212/31/2312/31/24   
Directors, Officers, Insurance Broker Services5/1/205/1/215/1/22   
Elevator Inspection Services2/24/192/24/202/24/21 2/24/22 
Energy Consulting Services    6/30/22 
Energy Performance Contracting    9/30/22 
Energy Savings Performance Contracting & Financing Program (ESCO)4/15/224/15/234/15/244/15/25  
Environmental Consulting/Environmental Management Consulting Services     New Procurement to be Posted. Combine with SEQR Upstate.
Environmental Management Consulting Services (SEQR)2/28/212/28/222/28/23   
Financial and Swap Advisor8/1/208/1/218/1/22 8/1/223 Year Contracts with 1 year Renewal option.
Forensic Engineering Services    9/30/22New Procurement to be posted.
General Counsel3/20/183/20/193/20/20  Empanelment no amendments required.
Geotechnical/Survey Appraisal Services    6/30/22 
Health Benefits Actuarial Services     New Procurement to be posted.
Healthcare Management Services     New Procurement to be posted.
Information Systems Consulting Services     Empanelment no amendments required.
Materials Testing Services9/30/209/30/219/30/22   
P3 Services     Empanelment no amendments required.
PLA Feasibility Analysis    9/30/22New procurement not required. To be performed under CM term contracts.
Printing Official Statement11/1/1811/1/1911/1/20 11/1/21 
Relocation Consultant Services    9/30/22New Procurement to be posted.
Safety Training Services4/14/214/14/224/14/23  Straight 4 year term.
SDVOB Set-Aside Projects4/1/194/1/204/1/214/1/22  
Small Firm Architects (Downstate)    9/30/22New Procurement to be posted.
Small Firm Architects (Upstate)    9/30/22New Procurement to be posted.
Third-Party Administrator (Insurance)     New Procurement to be posted.
Underwriters     New Procurement to be posted.
Workers Compensation/Business Auto     New Procurement to be posted.