DASNY and NYSERDA Announce Employees Trained to Implement New Energy Conservation and Efficiency Building Code

New State Energy Building Codes Will Reduce Energy at State-Owned Buildings

Supports New York's Clean Energy Standard, an Aggressive Mandate to Achieve 50 Percent Renewables by 2030 

(Albany, New York)  -- The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced that 33 DASNY employees have been trained to implement New York State’s new, stricter Energy Conservation Construction Code for buildings, which goes into effect October 3.

The energy code training supports Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy to build a clean, resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers by preparing DASNY building professionals to increase energy savings in State-owned buildings. REV is ensuring New York State reduces statewide greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and achieves the internationally recognized target of reducing emissions 80 percent by 2050. Today’s announcement is made during Climate Week, an international platform for government, business and civil society to collaborate on low-carbon solutions. 

The New York State energy code is a minimum building standard for energy efficiency. The stricter code calls for reducing energy use in new construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings. Buildings represent roughly 60 percent of New York’s total energy consumption, so improved codes provide a significant opportunity for energy savings. 

The DASNY training was one session in the “Conquer the Energy Code” statewide training program developed through a $250,000 NYSERDA contract with the Urban Green Council. Through the Urban Green Council, NYSERDA is training 5,000 architects and engineers statewide on the new energy code by the end of 2017. 

The training positions DASNY’s construction division to implement the new code for the facilities DASNY builds for the City University of New York (CUNY), State University of New York (SUNY) and New York State agency buildings, helping them drive down energy use.

Gerrard P. Bushell, President and CEO of DASNY, said, “By training our staff to implement the new energy code, DASNY is strengthening its leadership in building a more sustainable and resilient future for New York State. When our clients come to us, they know energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency are at the heart of what we do.” 

John B. Rhodes, President and CEO, NYSERDA, said, “Improved energy and building codes and trained building professionals are critical to increasing the energy efficiency of New York’s building stock. This NYSERDA training supports Governor Cuomo’s BuildSmart Initiative, which is reducing energy use in State buildings, and is a good example of the State leading by example to advance its nation-leading energy agenda.”

Rossana Rosado, New York Secretary of State, said, “I would like to thank DASNY for their efforts to prepare their staff to help enforce the new energy code, which goes into effect next month. “Keeping their staff trained and updated on the new changes to the energy code demonstrates their commitment and dedication to keeping New York State as one of the leaders in energy efficiency.” 

The energy code is a building standard that ensures permitted construction in New York State meets a minimum level of energy efficiency.

The code changes include:

• New, mandatory “blower door testing” as a step to measure air leakage and ensure buildings keep heated or cooled air inside

• Increased insulation levels windows, doors and skylights

• New mandate prohibiting the use of building framing cavities as air ducts to help improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems

The energy code training supports the 2030 New York State goal to reduce energy consumption in buildings by 23 percent from 2012 as outlined in the 2015 New York State Energy Plan. Energy efficiency is also a critical component to achieving the State’s Clean Energy Standard, which ensures that 50 percent of electricity comes from renewable energy resources by 2030. As energy use is reduced in buildings, fewer renewable energy resources will be needed to reach the 50 percent goal. 

Gil C. Quiniones, New York Power Authority president and CEO, said, “NYPA oversees BuildSmart NY and we view the trainers as essential toward fulfilling the initiative’s mandate to have state-owned buildings cut their energy use 20 percent by 2020. The more we can link BuildSmart to the new energy codes, the faster we will reach that goal.”

Ellen Honigstock, Urban Green Council Director of Education, said, "Urban Green Council is proud to train DASNY architects and engineers on vital strategies for navigating New York State's new energy code, because they have an enormous opportunity to shape New York's energy future. With simple steps like reducing air leaks and more stringent requirements for demand control ventilation, DASNY employees can conquer the energy code and do their part to build a healthier, more resilient and sustainable future for New York State.” 

To learn more about the code changes, visit the NYS Division of Code Enforcement and Administration’s website, http://www.dos.ny.gov/dcea/noticadopt.html

About Reforming the Energy Vision

Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's strategy to lead on climate change and grow New York's economy. REV is building a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers by stimulating investment in clean technologies like solar, wind, and energy efficiency, in support of the recently adopted Clean Energy Standard, which requires that 50 percent of the state's electricity needs be generated from renewable energy by 2030. Already, REV has driven 600 percent growth in the statewide solar market, enabled over 105,000 low-income households to permanently cut their energy bills with energy efficiency, and created thousands of jobs in manufacturing, engineering, and other clean tech sectors. REV is ensuring New York State reduces statewide greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and achieves the internationally-recognized target of reducing emissions 80 percent by 2050. To learn more about REV, including the Governor's $5 billion investment in clean energy technology and innovation, please visit www.ny.gov/REV4NY and follow us at @Rev4NY.


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