Social Equity Licensee Success Stories

Highlighted below are success stories from around New York State showcasing DASNY Social Equity Licensee Success Stories.


Late Bloomers

Suzanne Furboter and Fernando Peña; Queens, NY

"Without The New York Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund's invaluable support, Late Bloomers wouldn't have had access to the critical resources, build-out costs, and essential wrap-around services necessary for our business." - Suzanne Furboter and Fernando Peña

Photo Credit: Megan Green 

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Bronx Joint

Alexander Ortecho Jr.; Bronx, NY

“The New York Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund program gave me and my family the support we needed to build a business that will create jobs and help us provide a positive influence in our community.”  - Alexander Ortheco Jr. 

Photo Credit: Jake Lang 

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Moe Elgaly and Shlomo Weinstock

The Flowery

Moe Elgaly and Shlomo Weinstock; Staten Island, NY

“Even as an experienced entrepreneur, negotiating with landlords and contractors can be difficult. With the help of SESC and the Fund, I was able to solely focus on my business, which has made a world of difference.” - Moe Elgaly

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Capital District Cannabis & Wellness

James Frese and Pasha Adams; Albany, NY

 “It means so much for us to have not just this opportunity, but the support from the state and the community to help us start a new business in our hometown. The Fund, SESC and DASNY, the Office of Cannabis Management, and of course the Governor all played such a huge role in helping make this store a reality.  We couldn’t have done this without all of them.” - James Frese and Pasha Adams

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The FireHaus NY

Brian Mandell; Potsdam, NY

“My experience with cannabis earlier in my life derailed some of my hopes and plans.  This program through the Fund, with support from SESC and the Office of Cannabis Management has helped me with capital and all the logistics needed to start a business in a way that would have been seriously challenging or impossible for me to do on own.” - Brian Mandell


Photo Credit: Adam Atkinson

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Dazed Cannabis

Keshawn Warner; New York, NY

“I’m thrilled that the State is providing the opportunity for me and so many others like me to succeed in a new industry. Starting any business is challenging, but this program helped make my vision a reality. As a business owner, I look forward to creating opportunities for my employees to grow professionally, and to serve this community.” - Keshawn Warner

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Gotham Buds

Gregory Gray, Sr., Omar Tejeda, and Jeffrey Lopez; Harlem, NY

“We look forward to educating our customers and working with our neighbors to do all we can to make a positive contribution to Harlem and to leave a legacy behind for our children. I am grateful to Governor Kathy Hochul, The Fund, SESC and DASNY, and OCM for their support and encouragement." - Gregory Gray, Sr.

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