Journey to Success with DASNY

WATT + FLUX: A Bright Future

Stacie Alexiou, founder of WATT + FLUX, an energy efficiency company specializing in LED lighting conversions and energy storage, says she’s forever grateful to DASNY for the opportunities she has been given. Alexiou recently completed DASNY’s Surety Bond Training Program, which assisted her firm in increasing its available bonding capacity from $350,000 to $4.2 million.

Navigating the complexities of surety bonding for small firms can be trying. Firms are often required to have bonding to cover up to 100 percent of total project costs and cash on hand for irrevocable lines of credit. According to Alexiou, the partnership, knowledge-transfer, and the program’s dedication to seeking out high-performing firms and committing to helping them win work and increase their capacity is like no other. 

“Through perseverance, creativity and coaching provided through the DASNY Surety Bond Training Program, we learned valuable lessons, sharpened our skills, made our business tighter and ultimately increased our capacity to take on larger projects. We are excited about future work with New York State to conserve energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power intelligently.” Stacie Alexiou, Founder, WATT + FLUX