Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund Search Tool

All CAURD licensees are invited to use the Location Search Tool to research potential dispensary locations. The Search Tool will enable CAURD licensees to receive a preliminary assessment of a potential retail dispensary location’s proximity to medical dispensing facilities, Fund locations secured or in progress and proposed CAURD retail locations that have submitted the post-selection application. 

Using this tool, CAURD licensees will be able to submit an address and then will be emailed a response as to whether the location tentatively meets the Office of Cannabis Management's proximity restrictions regarding other dispensaries included in the Search Tool database. 
To utilize the tool, CAURD licensees will have received an invitation with instructions on how to create a DASNY Portal Account. If you are a licensee and have not received this invitation, please email [email protected].

*Please note, the CAURD Licensee Potential Location Search Tool does not include all zoning and proximity distance requirements for retail dispensaries outlined in the Cannabis Law and its associated guidance. A valid proximity assessment on the Search Tool does not guarantee the location’s eligibility. Approval of proposed locations is granted by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). CAURD licensees must complete OCM’s location survey to request preliminary location approval.