110 Adult-Use Cannabis Retailers Open and Operating in New York State 


Governor Kathy Hochul today announced New York State has reached a significant milestone in growing the legal cannabis industry with the grand opening of the 100th Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary brick-and-mortar store, Big Gas located in New Paltz, NY. The Office of Cannabis Management joined Big Gas owners, Kareem Haynesworth and Zymia Lewis for the grand opening of the dispensary for public sales.   
“New York State continues to make progress on standing up a safe and legal cannabis industry for business owners, farmers and residents across the state,” Governor Hochul said. “Today marks a historic milestone in establishing a thriving and equitable industry in our state with the 100th brick-and-mortar store opening.” 
New York currently has 110 adult-use cannabis retailers (including storefronts and temporary delivery-only (TDO) locations) open and operating across the State, with more anticipated to open soon. These retailers represent a diverse mix of Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensees with storefronts, CAURD licensees providing delivery services, and adult-use dispensaries co-located with existing medical dispensaries. The growth of the cannabis industry in New York is reflected in the rapidly growing retail sales figures, with total sales exceeding $237 million. Notably, $77 million of these sales were generated in the first two and a half months of 2024, indicating a thriving market.  
Within its first year of operation, the State has surpassed the Social and Economic Equity (SEE) goal set out in Cannabis Law by awarding 60 percent of licenses to social and economic equity applicants. Within that group, 40 percent are minority-owned businesses and 40 percent are women-owned businesses, respectively. 
The State has also almost doubled the percentage of majority minority-owned dispensaries nationwide. As of April 2024, 37 percent of NY's adult-use dispensaries are majority minority-owned; nationwide only 19 percent are majority minority-owned. Similarly, 11 percent of NY’s adult-use dispensaries were majority Black-owned, while the nation is at 2 percent. Approximately 50 percent of New York’s open dispensaries are Minority- and/or Women-Owned Businesses, underscoring the state's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.  
Office of Cannabis Management Executive Director Chris Alexander said, "We are incredibly proud of our licensees across New York State who have worked diligently to cross this threshold. Today’s celebration at Big Gas belongs not only to the team who opened their doors to business to eager customers today, but to every single licensee who is building this market from seed to sale. It echoes our commitment to catalyzing growth, fostering diversity, and championing equity within the cannabis sector. This milestone embodies our tireless endeavors to reshape the industry landscape and underscores our resolve to push the boundaries of progress. Supported by the New York Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund, we take pride in our progress and pledge to persist in our pursuit of inclusivity and advancement of New York's Cannabis Market."  
Village of New Paltz Mayor Tim Rogers said, ““We are pleased to be a host community in NYS’s Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary program. This initiative has allowed the state to 1) invest in a private fund to support individuals impacted by the inequitable enforcement of cannabis law and 2) protect public safety with NYS-sourced, regulated, and tested cannabis.” 
Big Gas Owners Zymia Lewis and Kareem Haynsworth said, "Big Gas is proud the be the first licensed cannabis dispensary in the City of New Paltz. We are here with the support of the New York State Cannabis Investment Fund, who led us to this great location. This is beyond our wildest dreams." 
Social Equity Impact Ventures LLC General Principal of the Fund’s General Partner Lavetta Willis said, “We take great pride in being able to support individuals who have been affected by unjust enforcement of cannabis laws and help them thrive in this emerging industry. Access levels the playing field. We are thrilled for Zymia Lewis and Kareem Haynesworth and wish them great success.  We express our heartfelt gratitude to Governor Hochul for leading the way and paving the path to a socially equitable sector that promotes inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.”  
Co-owned by two experienced entrepreneurs Zymia Lewis and Kareem Haynesworth, this location recently transitioned from a Temporary Delivery-Only (TDO) site to a brick-and-mortar retail dispensary to better serve local New Yorkers looking to purchase legal, tested, safer cannabis products. Haynesworth is a justice-involved individual and the dispensary is supported by the New York Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund. Following the press conference, Big Gas opened its doors for sales to the public, offering a diverse range of New York State grown and processed cannabis products to adult consumers. The event was attended by community leaders and stakeholders who came together to support this landmark addition to New York's burgeoning cannabis sector.