Bonds and Notes Outstanding

Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
Bonds and Notes Outstanding at September 30, 2018
(excluding MCFFA debt assumed by the Authority on September 1, 1995)

Public and Non-Public Programs
Grand Totals

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ProgramBonds IssuedBonds OutstandingNotes OutstandingBonds and Notes Outstanding
Total Public Programs:$88,844,720,036 $37,314,955,336 $0 $37,314,955,336
Total Non-Public Programs:$49,254,126,691 $15,254,439,684 $52,890,000 $15,307,329,684
GRAND TOTAL:$138,098,846,727 $52,569,395,020 $52,890,000 $52,622,285,020