Corporate Integrity Program


In October 1995, the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) at the direction of its Board began the development and implementation of a comprehensive corporate integrity program to ensure that DASNY members, officers and employees, and those with whom it conducts business - its Working Partners - adhere to the highest ethical business standards.

Consistent with this mandate, DASNY has instituted an ongoing Ethics and Fraud Awareness Training Program to promote and reinforce ethical conduct within the DASNY workforce. In conjunction with this training initiative, an ethics handbook entitled Serving Responsibly is issued to all DASNY employees and addresses such topics as the acceptance of gifts, conflicts of interest and outside business activities.

In addition, DASNY distributes to its Working Partners an ethics guide entitled Code of Business Ethics, which details expected standards of conduct by persons and entities transacting business with DASNY.

DASNY remains committed to preserving its proud reputation for honesty and integrity within the business community.

Keeping the Office of Professional Integrity Informed

The DASNY Office of Professional Integrity (OPI) is responsible for managing the Corporate Integrity Program. Accordingly, OPI should be notified regarding:

  • Any suspected or known fraudulent or illegal acts involving DASNY employees or DASNY business partners

  • Crimes, thefts, or threats involving persons/property at DASNY offices/sites

  • Prevailing wage issues

  • Site accidents/injuries of a serious nature

  • Any project-related integrity issue

  • Contact to/from law enforcement

  • Site security issues

  • Union demonstrations at DASNY projects

  • Coalition problems

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Related questions and reports of illegal or fraudulent acts by employees and contractors may be made in strict confidence and directed to the DASNY Office of Professional Integrity at:

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