DrChecksSM Evaluator Instructions

Responding to DASNY Design Review Comments in DrChecksSM

  1. Design Professionals responding to DASNY review comments in DrChecksSM should follow these instructions. You should receive an email advising when a design review for a given discipline has been completed by DASNY staff in DrChecksSM.

  2. Log in to DrChecksSM at www.projnet.org. Managing Agency is USstates_DASNY.

  3. At Select Project screen, click on the Project Name. If the Project Name is not displayed, change the search criteria to My Office.

    1. At the Select Review screen, click the Pending number under the Evaluate heading.

  4. At the Evaluate Pending screen, at the top of the screen you are given several options to narrow your search for comments you want to evaluate, i.e. by keyword, discipline, reviewer (a.k.a. Submitter), and document type. Select and click Search.

  5. At the Evaluate Pending screen, the DASNY review comment is displayed along with an area for your response (a.k.a. Evaluation).

    1. Select appropriate status

    2. Provide a detailed response to the comment. Responses of "will comply" are unacceptable.

    3. Select appropriate response

    4. Provide attachment, if appropriate to comment

    5. Click Add Evaluation

    6. When done entering responses, log out of DrChecksSM

  6. When done with all responses for a given discipline, email the DASNY Design/Project Manager and reviewer.