School District Financing

Bonds are issued to provide public school districts across the State of New York with an efficient financing alternative in light of the methodology used to reimburse school districts for the cost of capital projects through building aid received from the State of New York. The bonds are secured by semi-annual payments and backed by the full faith and credit general obligation bonds of the participating school districts and a statutory intercept, through the State Comptroller, of any State aid due to participating school districts.

Updated Program Information
Series 2024 School Districts Preliminary Financing Schedule
Contact Sheet
Exhibit A - Project Description
Exhibit B - BAN History
Supplement to Exhibit A and Exhibit B to Financing Agreement
Financing Agreement 2024
Tax Questionnaire (DASNY - School Pool 2024)
Initial Due Diligence Survey 2024
Underwriters Due Diligence Call Questions 2024
Appendix C - Central School District Disclosure Template
Appendix C - City School District Disclosure Template

Please send completed forms to Stephen Kosier at [email protected]