South Beach Psychiatric Center

South Beach Psychiatric Center, Inpatient Building

New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH)

Connecting Patients to Care on Staten Island

Project: South Beach Psychiatric Center, Inpatient Building (Staten Island) 

DASNY’s Role: DASNY managed construction of $250 inpatient building, along with modifications to South Beach campus and financed the construction by issuing low-cost tax-exempt bonds. 

Details: The 230,000 square foot, five-story building is designed to resist the flooding that severely damaged the SBPC during SuperStorm Sandy. It is built on piles 20 feet above sea level, with all utilities installed approximately 30 feet above sea level as an additional precaution. 

The building also was modified and used to provide medical care to COVID patients beginning in April of 2020.  

Impact: Patients, and the building, will be better protected from the onslaught of increasingly powerful storms. The building is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, constructed with Green Roofs for natural cooling, storm water mitigation and LEED sustainable compliance. 

The building also enhances operational efficiency by centralizing many of the facility's programs and activities and is designed to maximize patient and staff satisfaction.  

A video of the new building's design and architectural highlights can be seen here