LEED Accredited Professionals

LEED Accredited Professionals

LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) are people who have a familiarity with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and related tracking and submission processes. They have passed a test developed by the USGBC to confirm this comfort level. DASNY encourages all employees involved with design and construction to prepare for and take the test to achieve LEED-AP status.

The DASNY experts listed below are LEED APs:

  • Calin, Adriana - Senior Project Manager
  • Malatino, Dean - Engineer  
  • Renda, Salvatore - Regional Project Manager
  • Ryan, Rob - Director, Construction & Western NY Operations  
  • Stein, Sara - Senior Environmental Manager 


  • Aljuboori, Ahmed – Engineer
  • Dokku, Mallikarjuna - Project Manager
  • Donlon, William - Engineer
  • Guerrier, Poldy - Engineer
  • Johantgen, Peter - Architect
  • Moore, James - Architect
  • Sanchez, Lucy - Field Representative III
  • Savona, John - Architect
  • Sharma, Ramesh - Project Manager
  • Siddique, Shamsul - Engineer
  • Szmul, Edward - Engineer
  • Tong, Wai - Senior Architect

For sustainability and design-related questions, please contact:

Salvatore Renda, AIA LEED AP
Regional Project Manager - Planning, Design and Quality Assurance - Upstate.
518 257-3211

Christopher Keado, AIA
Senior Architect - Planning, Design and Quality Assurance - Upstate.
518 257-3505

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