President's Corner

Thank you, and good evening. I am honored to be here today to speak to all of you.

It is an enormous privilege to be the leader of DASNY. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly. I am leader of the nation’s number one issuer of low-cost, tax-exempt bonds and one of its biggest public builders. This means I have an obligation to ensure DASNY operates like a private enterprise fully committed to our public mission.

Thank you, Al, and I want to thank Governor Cuomo for giving us the opportunity to be heretoday. Many thanks also to each of you for making the commitment to be here.

In addition to key members of DASNY’s professional staff, I am delighted to have members of the DASNY Board here with us today. Our Board Chair Alfonso Carney is joined by Gerard Romski, Beryl Snyder, Charles Abel, Russell Biggs and our newest member, Paul Ellis. Welcome!

Good afternoon. I want to thank Governor Cuomo for giving us the opportunity to be here today. It is an honor and a privilege to speak with all of you.

This afternoon, you will embark on a journey to opportunity. You will hear from public and private sector leaders in the financial, accounting and legal services sectors about how to build partnerships that will bring your companies business. You will hear how New York State and its partners are building capacity among minority and women owned business enterprises to broaden opportunity.

New York State will host its annual MWBE Forum on Oct. 5-6. It is an exciting opportunity for MWBE firms to learn about how to connect with the State and build partnerships with staff and contacts in their industries.

DASNY takes its role at the Forum and its work with MWBE contracting seriously. We have long been a leader in the field, a role we continue to build on.

I have established accountability for MWBE contract participation at every level of the DASNY organization. More than 300 DASNY professionals are trained in MWBE contract compliance monitoring.

Thank you. It is an honor and a privilege to be here today, helping break ground for the new inpatient building at the South Beach Psychiatric Center.

I was very excited when I received the invitation to speak tonight. The National Minority Business Council has a deeply important mission. It is a mission to expand opportunities available to small, minority and women business owners. It is a mission shared by DASNY.

When Governor Cuomo asked me to take on the responsibility of leading DASNY, he requested I apply all I have learned from experience in both the public and private sectors to enhance DASNY’s impact on New York.