Ombuds Officer & Affirmative Action Officer

The Ombuds Officer serves as DASNY’s confidential, independent, and neutral dispute resolution resource, serving all DASNY employees, seeking fair and equitable solutions to various employee issues and disputes.

The Ombuds Officer should be contacted regarding:

  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Violations of DASNY policies
  • Other employee issues or disputes that adversely affect the work environment

You may contact the Ombuds Officer at (518) 257-3120.

DASNY’s Affirmative Action Officer (AAO) is charged with administering DASNY’s Non-Harassment, Non-Retaliation, and Non-Discrimination Policy. Complaints regarding violation of this policy should be filed with the AAO. 

You may contact the Affirmative Action Officer at (518) 257-3120.

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy | Anti-Sexual Harassment PolicyNon-Harassment, Non-Retaliation, and Non-Discrimination Policy