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Notice to Proceed

In any instance in which change order work is required the Owner's Representative will issue a written directive to the contractor:

The Notice to Proceed will specify the manner in which DASNY will pay for the work in question. The options available under Article 8 of DASNY's General Conditions include:

  1. An accepted estimate
  2. Time and material
  3. Unit costs

Article 8 also addresses subcontractor mark ups, labor rates and a number of other requirements regarding change order pricing.

The contractor should not commence with the change order work unless the contractor receives a written Notice to Proceed. The Notice to Proceed is not valid unless it includes a CR (Change Request) number from DASNY's computer based project management support systems.

The exact wording and format of the Notice to Proceed form will vary depending on the nature of the work and requested pricing method. Click here for a sample of Notice to Proceed form.