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MWSBE Subcontractor FAQs

MWSBE Subcontractor FAQs

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  • What are the objectives of DASNY’s Opportunity Programs Group?

  • What is Executive Law Article 15-A?

  • Do all DASNY contracts have goals for the participation of MWBEs?

  • How are the MWBE goals established?

  • If I am a MBE or WBE can I count myself toward the goals?

  • Do MWBE firms have to be certified?

  • How do I become New York State certified?

  • If my firm is certified by the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), is it automatically certified by every Agency and Authority in New York State?

  • Where can I obtain a copy of the directory of MWBEs?

  • How can I become registered with DASNY?

  • What is the benefit of registering my firm with DASNY?

  • What initiatives does DASNY take in order to reach out to MWBEs?

  • What are Strategic Alliance Partners?

  • Who are DASNY’s Strategic Alliance Partners?

  • How can I view plans and specs?

  • As an MWBE, how do I get work with DASNY?

  • What are Plan Purchase Holders?

  • What is the CUNY Set-Aside Program?

  • As an MWBE, I have received invitations from contractors to bid on work, but I never get their work. What can I do about that?

  • My firm was listed on a Utilization Plan and not solicited or utilized. What can I do about that?

  • Is MWBE second-tier subcontracting allowed?

  • What happens to General Contractors who have abused the MWBE program?

  • As an MWBE subcontractor, am I guaranteed payment after a certain period of time?

  • What is the DASNY Surety Bond Program?

  • How do I apply for the DASNY Surety Bond Program?

  • What is the New York State Contract System?

  • What is a Project Labor Agreement (PLA)?

  • What is the DASNY PLA?

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